I have been helping people with research at The National Archives in Kew and other archive sites in the UK for years.  My main area of interest, and the area where I offer to assist with research, is late 19th century through to the 1960s.  Military, political, aviation, intelligence and naval matters (in no particular order) in that timespan touch on the lives of most people living in the UK today and form a big part of the family history of people all over the world.  


A typical request for research assistance is to find information about events involving a particular serviceman or woman, or to provide the unpublished documents concerning a wartime operation.  Either of these examples may include intelligence summaries, operations record books, ships logs, Foreign Office/Colonial Office minutes, combat reports, escape and evasion files etc.  This is the type of detailed research I do on a regular basis and my familiarity with the files involved and search methods required have allowed me to help clients from all over the world.


Please contact me via email to discuss your research questions. 



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