Do you need research carried out at the UK National Archives by an experienced researcher?  I may be able to help.  FilePhotoService provides an economical way to access files held at TNA Kew no matter where you are.  I have been helping people find information in the archives since 2005.



      Are you looking into events

          that play a part in the

            history of your family?




the economical alternative


     Are you an Author?

                     An Academic?


If you want to research a subject but cannot visit TNA in person, let me do the work for you. I have worked with historians, academics and authors from all over the world to find key documents and open up new lines of research within the millions of files held at Kew.  I work with clients to get the results they require, whether it is by viewing specified files, identified by you, or by being turned loose to ‘follow the scent’ after briefing.



If you are looking into events that play a part in the history of you or your family, or perhaps to further your knowledge of the history of a particular place, The National Archives is a wonderful resource. If you are unable to visit the National Archives in person, I can do the searching for you. Please let me know what you are hoping to find and we can work out how the files at Kew can help.


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My name is Bruce Dennis. Tell me what you are looking for and I will give an honest opinion on whether I am the right person to help.