The process to get TNA files copied using FilePhotoService is simple. You make your

selection by browsing the National Archives Catalogue. There is a link to their catalogue at the bottom of this page. 


When you have chosen your files for copying, email me.

The email to use is:




(1) You specify the files to copy and, if appropriate, the pages within it.

(2) I photograph the specified files or pages with a digital camera.

(3) The digital images are sent to you, either by giving you a download link or

     sending a DVD by post.















PayPal or sterling cheque, payment in UK£. PayPal will convert your

currency to £ automatically.  

If paying by cheque/money-order then bank charges for non-UK banks must

be covered by the client. PayPal details will be given by email.



50% of estimate with order, balance on completion. Where the file size is not

known in advance, email me and we will work out a figure.



See my charges below compared to the current National Archives costs.


Cost per page copied:

1 to 999 pages = £ .20 (25 pages per file minimum charge)

1000 + : by arrangement


This applies to all original documents at TNA, whether original paper document,

microfilm or reading library stock.  

Minimum charge of £5 per copying order. This includes uploading the copies.

(TNA DIGITISED FILES: Please contact me to discuss files digitised by TNA.)



     Comparative costs       TNA               FilePhotoService


 estimate cost, per file:       £8.24                       £2


 copy (digital image) each: £1.10        £ .20 or less for quantity



Minimum charge of £5 per copying order. This includes uploading the copies.


For comparison, download the current TNA charges here:




... and view an explanation of how their service works here:




Their record copying facility gives excellent service.  I offer an alternative that is

more economical and usually quicker.  


If you require an estimate from me, I view the file, give a ‘best guess’ as to the

number of images required to copy it and email the information to you as a guide

for budgeting. The estimating charge of £2.00 per file covers time spent ordering and

looking at the file and establishing whether the contents include printing on both

sides, whether it contains foldout pages, etc.

Most estimates provided this way are adequate for you to know what to budget, but if

a serious discrepancy arises I will email for further instructions. If you are able to give

a quick instruction to proceed with the file copying it may be done on the same day.

Whether the estimate comes from TNA or myself, I can do the copying for you.



CDs and DVDs when used are £1.50 each


Postage of discs:

UK: £1.80 regardless of the number of discs used.

International: by arrangement and according to weight.

Typical delivery to North America is £4.50, Asia £4.50,

and EU members £3.


Uploading to online storage for you to download is free.

All postage is in addition to the minimum for copying.


Please note: I am not an employee or agent of TNA. I am an independant

researcher and abide by the rules of The National Archives,  Where I have given TNA

prices for comparison they come directly from TNA’s DISCOVERY website. Follow the

links below to The National Archives DISCOVERY online catalogue and Help Guides.


    The online catalogue for the National Archives:






    Help Guides for researchers using the catalogue:









TNA help guides TNA catalogue 'DISCOVERY'

   ORDERING COPIES: how it works





You will be sent a link to download the finished copies.  The link will take you to a Dropbox folder dedicated to your orders.    Please see the SAMPLE PAGES link for a preview of the quality to expect.


If you have any questions, please email me.


the economical alternative



TNA charges PDF TNA copy service