PayPal or sterling cheque, payment in UK£.  I will send a PayPal invoice

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 If paying by cheque/money-order then bank charges for non-UK banks must

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 50% of estimate with order, balance on completion. Where the file size is not

 known in advance, email me and we will work out a figure.



   Please contact via email for more information ...    


  ... and I will try to help you get the most out of your research budget.

























I have been helping individuals and companies get information from The National Archives files since 2005. In that time changes have occurred at TNA and I have adapted to keep up to date. For your convenience, the use of online storage has been expanded and simplified until now it is the most common way of receiving files from FilePhotoService.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or just want guidance on finding files in the TNA online catalogue.  I usually monitor email 7 days a week.    


Thank you for looking at my website, I hope you found it helpful.


Bruce Dennis    

September 2018




















Thanks for looking at my website

Bruce Dennis


The whole process can be done online.

DVDs and snail mail are possible but most people find it quicker and more convenient to use our safe downloads





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