Do you need files copied or research carried out at the UK National Archives?  I may be able to help.  FilePhotoService provides an economical way to access files held at TNA Kew no matter where you are.


What files can FilePhotoService copy?


All of them.  Any file held at The National Archives UK           can be sent to you no matter what format it is in. Original   documents, microfilms and even files that have been

digitised by TNA.  



    FILE COPYING  at The UK National Archives


   1) You send me the file reference* ...


   2) I copy the file or pages you have specified ...


   3) You receive a link to download the digital

        images to your computer ...  


   4) ... and then you can get on with your research.  


       No order is too small and (so far) no order has

       been too large.  See ‘how it works’ in the

       FILE COPYING page for advice on placing an

       order and payment.


   *  from The National Archives online catalogue                  





the economical alternative


   RESEARCH  at  UK archives


If you need help conducting research, email me and we will discuss your requirements. My name is Bruce Dennis and I have been researching at The National Archives, Kew and other UK archives for many years: please ask.


Clients include authors, students, film-makers and of course family researchers.


      email -


Tell me what you are looking for and I will give an honest opinion on whether I am the right person to help.